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Posted by Civilian   on 29 August 2016 04:20 PM
Greetings MagmaFlyFFers!
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[iuri=bug]Bug Fixes[/iuri]
[anchor=bug]Bug Fixes[/anchor]
- Colosseum Timer should now work as intended.
- Issue with Scroll of Augmentation not showing augmented awakes should now be fixed.
We've redone some Ranger and Crackshooter equipment to ensure it does better during Hero Siege. We also know End-game Siege is looking up, and we want to help boost that as well, so we'll start ramping up here. Rangers should now see a bigger impact no HP and damage dependingon their equipment. Crackshooter has had their range increased via Far Sight as well as Molten Set damage increase.
Hero Ranger
Bloody Bow:
Old Stats - Hit +20%, Crit Damage +55%, PVP Damage +30
New Stats - DEX +50, Crit Damage +55%, PVP Damage +30
Marksman Jewelry Set:
Old Stats - Crit Damage +20%, Bow Range +20%, Speed +15%
New Stats - Crit Damage + 20%, Bow Range +40%, HP +15%
Gladiator's Gold Bow:
Old Stats - HP +35%, Attack +10%, PVP Damage +30%
New Stats - HP +35%, Attack +20%, PVP Damage +30%
Eye of The Hawk:
Old Stats - Melee and Ranged Block +10%
New Stats - Melee Block +25%
Molten Hainure/Hanira Set:
Old Stats - DEX +75, Attack +30%, HP +25%, Critical Damage +45%
New Stats - DEX +75, Attack +30%, HP +25%, Critical Damage +55%
Far Sight:
Old Stats - Range +10%
New Stats - Range +30%
Super Deluxe Magma Sweepstakes
Welcome to our fifth ever Super Deluxe Magma Sweepstakes!! In case you didn't know, our sweepstakes happens twice a month, and is our very own version of a raffle! Points are tallied up on our end, and all you have to do is answer a simple PM from one of us to get your information. Other end-game classes will have changes upcoming.
Participating is easy, and you can do any of the following things to receive points!
  1. Submit a bug via Bug For Rewards and have it be accepted by a Staff member.
  2. Have your suggestion be accepted via Suggestions for Rewards.
  3. Contribute a list of changes to the MagmaWiki sub-forum.
  4. Participate in our GM events in-game!
The sweepstakes winner this time around is... Inertia!
Congratulations! Please do remember, you have to choose your prize. PM [USER=1297]@Civilian[/USER] (me) here on the forums when you've decided. Here's a list, you can choose any one of the following:
- 2x Scroll of Acquisition (High)
- 3x Inferno Token Chance Box (Contains either 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 or 15 Inferno Tokens that are tradable)
- 1x Weapon Skin Chance Box (Contains one of the 23 Weapon Skins inside)
All points are now reset. Thank you all for being a part of the community!
- All Dungeons are currently dropping 1.5x their usual rates to encourage farming, this event will last until next maintenance!

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