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Posted by Civilian   on 07 September 2016 02:38 PM

Greetings MagmaFlyFFers!


Table of Contents
Tower Siege & Siege
MC Shop

Tower Siege & End Game

We've been working on ways to help encourage more players at the end-game level. While the biggest of these changes won't be announced until Part II of the Tower Siege Update, we do want to let you all know that we're fully aware of some of the glaring issues there and are working to fix those as soon as possible -- this is also inclusive with balancing! Now onto the real news!

Tower Siege has been implemented into MagmaFlyff!

Tower Siege is accessed by using the Secret Rooms options from the Forsaken Tower Manager in Flaris!

In case you didn't know, Tower Siege is a gauntlet that pits guilds versus each other on a 2 hour timer. Each guild is instanced, so you will never see competing guilds, but you will always be able to see how they're progressing on the left side of your screen. The only way to win is to kill the final boss within the 2 hour time limit -- before any other guilds. Only the bravest guilds will be able to call themselves Tower Siege winners!

Tower Siege is available once a week on Sundays!

New End-Game Siege and Colosseum Chips
Starting now, all End-Game PVP, whether in Colosseum or Siege, will drop a new type of currency for all players. These are calledEnchanted Gold Chip and Enchanted Red Chip. This will help us in the future as we further separate end-game and Hero-level PVP.

Developer's Note: While the code for Tower Siege is in-game, we won't reveal prizes for Tower Siege or new rewards for End-Game Siege and Colosseum until Part II of the Tower Siege Update to make sure we're giving out great stuff! Part II is being released this Thursday!

MC Shop

Back 2 School Magma Core Sale is now live!
Gain a 50% bonus on all MC bought between now and Friday, September 9th at 23:59 PST!

Once this sale is over, we'll be boosting MC purchase bonuses by 20% permanently.
Any future core sale events will NOT reflect the bonus 20%, they will be the original 50% we add from the original prices.

Scroll of Augmentation x50 bundle is now on sale!
The bundle is now available at 2150 MC until Friday, September 9th at 23:59 PST!


45 Day Login Event is now live!
Players will receive these prizes on their respective days for logging in for one hour each day this login event is online!

Day 1 - Halloween Candy x1
Day 5 - Blessing of the Pet Tamer x2
Day 10 - ShadowArc's Potion Box of the Murderous Vagrant x5
Day 15 - Mooties Mootalicious Phat Box of Goodies x10
Day 20 - Cryptic's Magic Level Box x10
Day 25 - CygonX's Cyclopsing Box of One Eyed Snacks x10
Day 30 - Blessing of the Goddess x25
Day 35 - Scroll of Awakening ++ x30, Global Scroll of Reversion x30
Day 40 - Blessing of the Goddess x100
Day 41 - Buff-Pet Upgrade Bundle x1
Day 42 - Baby Demented Mr. Pumpkin x1
Day 43 - Vampire (M) Set x1, Vampire (F) Set x1
Day 44 - Fire Dragon Mask x1
Day 45 - Guaranteed S Card Chance Box x5, Scroll of Awakening Augmentation x10

Rio 2016 Gather as many Olympic Medals event is now over!
Thank you everyone for participating! Here are the winners for each tier! Please make sure to read over the prizes here:

**All winners are required to PM @Civilian with each set and chosen prize!**

KrustyKrab - 207
ChocolateCaster - 165
Isk - 114

Inday30 - 1300
EL3MENTS - 592
xXxLeonexXx - 498

Moria - 1759
DakogUloK - 1141
WeakArcanist - 692

~CygonX & MagmaFlyFF Staff

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