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Posted by Civilian   on 27 September 2016 06:48 AM

Greetings MagmaFlyFFers!


Table of Contents

Fixes & Updates
Daily Sieges

Fixes & Updates

- Autumn is here! Flarine has received a wonderful graphical overhaul as well as the arena!

- Item Sorting is now available!
Sorting your items in Flyff is easily one of the most time consuming things about the game. So much so that most players' inventories look like an Aibatt after an Asal — no more! Item sorting is now available on live servers!

- Clicking the button normally sorts your inventory only.
- SHIFT-Clicking the button will sort your bag and your inventory together (in one big sort).
- CTRL-Clicking the button will sort your inventory and bags separately!


- Fixed a bug where pets wouldn't automatically reactive after flying due to moving the pet in the inventory.
- RC/GC items should now show the correct currency, replacing the "ERROR" item text issue.
- Dragon Masks from last patch should now be fixed.

Daily Sieges

Daily Sieges are now readily available to all players who want to participate! This means more reason to PVP every day! Some Siege times have also changed, as well as new additions and double siege on Tuesdays! We don't want to stop here. Suggestions are always welcome, and we want the feedback to continue -- so please, if you see any changes we could make or any additions, we would love to hear it!

I've also added easy time converter links for some of our most popular regions to help you match your times!

Sunday - 1300 Server Time (1 PM PST)
Wednesday - 1000 Server Time (10 AM PST)
Friday - 1600 Server Time (4 PM PST)

Hero Siege - 1000 Server Time (10 AM PST)
Regular Siege - 1300 Server Time ( 1 PM PST)

Monday - 1300 Server Time (1 PM PST)
Thursday - 1000 Server Time (10 AM PST)
Saturday - 1600 Server Time (4 PM PST)


We've got about 10 events to announce, so let's try and get through this in one piece! Since there are so many, we have a full thread dedicated to 'em.

Check out the separate event thread here!

Super Deluxe Magma Sweepstakes
Welcome to our fifth ever Super Deluxe Magma Sweepstakes!! In case you didn't know, our sweepstakes happens twice a month, and is our very own version of a raffle! Points are tallied up on our end, and all you have to do is answer a simple PM from one of us to get your information.

Participating is easy, and you can do any of the following things to receive points!

  1. Submit a bug via Bug For Rewards and have it be accepted by a Staff member.
  2. Have your suggestion be accepted via Suggestions for Rewards.
  3. Contribute a list of changes to the MagmaWiki sub-forum.
  4. Participate in our GM events in-game!

The sweepstakes winner this time around is... WholeSomeBratz!

Congratulations! Please do remember, you have to choose your prize. PM Civilian here on the forums when you've decided. Here's a list, you can choose any one of the following:

- 2x Scroll of Acquisition (High)
- 3x Inferno Token Chance Box (Contains either 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 or 15 Inferno Tokens that are tradable)
- 1x Weapon Skin Chance Box (Contains one of the 23 Weapon Skins inside)
- 5x Augmentation Scroll Bundle

All points are now reset. Thank you all for being a part of the community!

~CygonX & MagmaFlyFF Staff

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