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Posted by Civilian   on 19 October 2016 04:35 AM

Greetings MagmaFlyFFers!


Table of Contents

Fixes & Updates

Fixes & Updates

- PIN changes have been fixed
Somehow PIN changing was bugged up during last week's maintenance. We've gone ahead and fixed that for you guys.

- Fixed Target Info (for v19 skin)
The v19 UI skin has always had the displeasure of always having your target info move on you at the most absolutely inopportune time. We've fixed that by adding an option to the menu that affixes the selected target's information window to it's spot. This setting can be found under "Fixed Camera" in the options menu.


We're slowly making changes to make sure classes either stay afloat or catch up in terms of balance. Caster classes have especially been left in the dust by their melee and tanker counter-parts, both in Hero and End-game Siege. It's time to give 'em a slight boost in melee resistance.

Hero PVP Balance:
- Changed hit-rate% stat on Bloody 2H Axe to 10% Critical Rate.
- Gave Guard 15% ASPD boost.
- Removed Guard Cooldown, concluding in a static 10% HP buff.

QAT Note: Sword Cross procs are currently being looked at. It is currently in line to be nerfed by about 5%, keep that in mind if you are working on a Knight.

- Added 25% melee block to Crucio.

- Added 20% melee block to Elemental Mastery.

- Reduced Melee and Ranged Block on Billst/Billporon set from 15% to 8%.
- Increased Attack % on Billst/Billporon from 15% to 20% to compensate.

End-game PVP Balance:
Force Master

- Reduced overall Asal damage by 10% overall.

- Reverted changes to Hit-Rate% for Templar.

CS Buff Item Changes:
- Flash Charm, Sugar Boost, Red/Blue/Green/Pink Macaron are no longer removed upon death.
- FLY/FOR/FUN is no longer untradeable.
- Green Root Beer's Melee and Ranged Block Reduced to 5% (down from 10%).


You guys seem to love most of the 11 events going on for October, so we decided to work on the event you guys are having the most trouble with and spice it up, while extending the ones that ended on the 10th until the 31st.

- Double Couple EXP extended until the 31st.
- Double Pet EXP extended until the 31st.
- Harvest Voluptuous Pumpkins extended until the 31st.
- RPS Login extended until the 31st.
- Delicious Consumables Drop extended until the 31st.
- Magma Cookie, Flash Charm & Sugar Boost Drop extended until the 31st.
- Double Up Rain Penya Drop extended until the 31st.
- Double Up Rain EXP Rate extended until the 31st.

- All Undead Vagrants now have 100% chance to drop the Undead Stat Scroll Chance Box, which includes:

- Pumpkin Pie
- 1 Red Chips
- 5 Red Chips
- 10 Red Chips
- Macarons (Of each kind, drop separately)
- Milk Chocolate
- Stat Scrolls (Of each kind, drop separately)

Super Deluxe Magma Sweepstakes
Welcome to our fifth ever Super Deluxe Magma Sweepstakes!! In case you didn't know, our sweepstakes happens twice a month, and is our very own version of a raffle! Points are tallied up on our end, and all you have to do is answer a simple PM from one of us to get your information.

Participating is easy, and you can do any of the following things to receive points!

  1. Submit a bug via Bug For Rewards and have it be accepted by a Staff member.
  2. Have your suggestion be accepted via Suggestions for Rewards.
  3. Contribute a list of changes to the MagmaWiki sub-forum.
  4. Participate in our GM events in-game!

The sweepstakes winner this time around is... Ameliza!

Congratulations! Please do remember, you have to choose your prize. PM @Civilian here on the forums when you've decided. Here's a list, you can choose any one of the following:

- 2x Scroll of Acquisition (High)
- 3x Inferno Token Chance Box (Contains either 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 or 15 Inferno Tokens that are tradable)
- 1x Weapon Skin Chance Box (Contains one of the 23 Weapon Skins inside)

All points are now reset. Thank you all for being a part of the community!

Let us know what you think of the update!